Luxury Apartments for Sale

Konak / İzmir


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This brand new development located in the heart of the Aegean Pearl City of Izmir, located adjacent to the Turquoise sea with break-taking sunset views

 This development with will be Izmirs newest and brightest star in located
in the city limits.
Innovatively designed with subtle and soft architectural features 
The development has panoramic views of the Izmir bay with an impressive landscape area with many palm trees. 

In total there are 843 residences and with 53 commercial shops below  The development, has  a swimming pool which is designed to give a beach feeling with sand surrounding it, bringing a new meaning to living and having a home by the sea to your home and if that wasn’t enough you can be within minutes of driving distance from the actual beautiful blue beaches of Izmir  

100% Full Payment (no finance) 10% discount off price


50% Down-payment - remaining balance paid over 36 months (interest free)


All Financing is Developer Finance (no credit checks or bank red-tape paperwork is required)


All financing, transfer of title deeds & purchase are completed within 2 - 3 days of agreement to purchase of property



# Bedroom SQM Level Price Offer
1. 1 75 SQM 1-5 750.000 Turkish Lira Details
2. 2 120 SQM 1-5 1.000.000 Turkish Lira Details
3. 2 140 SQM 5 1.470.000 Turkish Lira Details
4. 3 300 SQM 5 2.100.000 Turkish Lira Details
5. 2 250 SQM 5 1.700.000 Turkish Lira Details
6. 4 250 SQM 5 2.200.000 Turkish Lira Details
7. 4 350 SQM 5 3.000.000 Turkish Lira Details
8. 5 328 SQM 5 5.000.000 Turkish Lira Details