New Apartments for Sale in Karabağlar

Karabağlar / İzmir


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The 1st thing that thrives with this new development is the safety  and security features.

The property is located close to the centre of Izmir, with all its social, financial   and shopping facilities all minutes away from this fabulous modern and comfortable new development

The architectural style of modern and chic living set in lush green grounds with many onsite social facilities including gyms and pools, there are total of 422 residential and 40 shops on site for you to choose from


The development is located in the newest district of Izmir which earmarked to be the new social hub of the city, with ice rinks, tennis courts, gyms and basketball and football stadiums, shopping centres, parks and cafes and may other rich social facilities in the near future


This development is where quality & luxury living meet and come hand in hand

100% Full Payment (no finance) 10% discount off price


25% Down-payment - remaining balance paid over 24 months (interest free)


All Financing is Developer Finance (no credit checks or bank red-tape paperwork is required)


# Bedroom SQM Level Price Offer
1. 2 105 SQM 1-5 400.000 Turkish Lira Details
2. 3 150 SQM 5 600.000 Turkish Lira Details
3. 2 105 SQM 7 450.000 Turkish Lira Details
4. 3 150 SQM 8 630.000 Turkish Lira Details
5. 2 115 SQM 8 460.000 Turkish Lira Details
6. 3 165 SQM 8 690.000 Turkish Lira Details