New trend bomonti residence apartments for sale

Şişli / İstanbul


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Ancient Istanbul’s prestigious neighborhood Bomonti, with its history that goes back more than a century,
is the new vogue of the city. Situated on the most significant

transportation axes of the city and at the very heart of the city’s entertainment, culture and art life... 

A mixed-use project, neighboring the Beyoglu, Beşiktaş and Maslak axis may seem like a dream to you. Now, you can add the convenience of being situated
at the intersection of important transportation routes to this dream. 
er enjoying sunbathing

by the pool on the terrace,
you can take a walk to the first and only square of the region and dine at the restaurant
of your preference.
You can then stroll along

the hiking trails after your meal and get to the seating and recreation areas with pergolas, enjoying the decorative pools and artificial hills.

You can take indulgence in these pleasures at the social spaces

of Project everyday. 

100% Full Payment (no finance) 10% discount off price


# Bedroom SQM Level Price Offer
1. 1 70 SQM 1-5 1.870.000 Turkish Lira Details
2. 1 80 SQM 10+ 2.400.000 Turkish Lira Details
3. 2 110 SQM 5+ 2.600.000 Turkish Lira Details
4. 2 120 SQM 10+ 3.000.000 Turkish Lira Details
5. 3 172 SQM 5+ 4.500.000 Turkish Lira Details
6. 3 192 SQM 10+ 5.000.000 Turkish Lira Details
7. 5 242 SQM 1-5 7.800.000 Turkish Lira Details
8. 5 242 SQM 20+ 12.600.000 Turkish Lira Details